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Sinam Kol : A Man and his struggle to find balance in post conflict SriLanka

Marcus Theater - Crosswoods, 200 Hutchinson Avenue, Columbus, OH 43235

01 Mar, 2020
01 Mar, 2020

On Sunday Mar 01 at 4:00 PM

Sinamkol is a journey of a Tamil person post the 2009 civil war in Sri
Lanka. This film brings to life planned tactics, ethnic cleansing and
indiscriminate drive towards the Tamil people by the government. Even
though the war has ended there is continuous army presence in the north
east and lands have not been returned to the rightful owners. It shows
the frustration and sorrow of this person and his fellow people towards
the current situations in Jaffna and the planned deterioration of the
Tamil people's land. This movie is the documentation to push for the
international community to listen to the stories of these survivors. To
understand the pain that they are undergoing. This movie is a call to

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