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Goda/Andal Ranganatha Kalyanam

Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati, 4920 Klatte Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244

18 Jan, 2020
18 Jan, 2020

Jai Srimannarayana! Everyone, with Sri.Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji grace and
Gods blessings, we invite you and your family for Goda Ranganatha
Kalyanam event at Cincinnati Hindu temple on Saturday, January 18th from
10:00 Am to 1:00pm. Goda Kalyanam is celebrated at the end of
Dhanurmasam to mark the marriage of Goda devi(who is Lakshmi Devi
incarnate)with Lord Sri Krishna in the form of Lord Ranganatha. Goda
Devi, also known as Sri Andal composed the hymn Tiruppavai in which she
shows devotional service to Lord Sri Krishna. Tiruppavai, composed of 30
stanzas known as pasurams, is rich with devotion and contains the
esoteric truths revealed in the Vedas. Sri Andal, being such a devotee,
wished to marry none other than the Lord Srimannarayana. Her marriage
took place once her father, Vishnuchitta, also a great devotee, was
directed to do so by the Lord Ranganatha. Let us all participate in the
Divine Wedding and receive Blessings and Prasadam at the end of the
event. Attached the flyer, and extend the invitation to your friends.

On Saturday 18th Jan 2020 at AM

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